Randall Whitman

Randall Whitman

Chairman Randall Whitman oversees the company's strategic planning.

Randall Whitman is chairman of Whitman Family Development, LLC, and oversees the company’s strategic planning.

In 1974, he joined his father, Stanley Whitman, at Bal Harbour Shops as its leasing agent. In this role, the younger Whitman was quickly tasked with developing the second level for the luxury shopping center. Although the second level had been planned from before Bal Harbour Shops opened in 1965, vertical expansion of a shopping center was still considered innovative in the 1970s, and some brands were reluctant to lease stores on the second level, he recalls.

“The biggest challenge was getting the European brands to commit,” Whitman said. “They didn’t really understand shopping centers—and certainly not multi-level ones.”

Nonetheless, in 1983, a second level was added at Bal Harbour Shops, expanding this premier retail center to 450,000 square feet. But even after doubling the size of the leasable store space with the second level, the family’s commitment to strong merchandising guided its every decision. A host of willing prospects were refused because Whitman did not think they were right for the center.

“Brooks Brothers was our lead tenant on the upper level,” he recalls. “After making a handful of calls, I had 60 percent of the floor leased,” he said. “It took me another 10 years to get the rest.”

Today, Bal Harbour Shops boasts an unparalleled selection of world-renowned designers, and plans are underway for a 250,000-square-foot expansion to accommodate the lengthy waiting list of luxury stores that want to bring their brands to this celebrated shopping center, set amid lush tranquility in a breezy, tree-lined locale in Miami Beach.

Whitman’s signature additions to the ambiance at Bal Harbour Shops include two large fish ponds.

“Our goal is always to make the space as pretty as possible; it really is as simple as that,” he said. “We have a great location, a great history, and we’re making progress with our plans for expansion,” he said. “The future is rosy.”

Whitman holds a Bachelors degree from Florida State University, and he served as a junior officer in the Navy for three years during the Vietnam era. After completing his military service, Whitman returned to Miami and initially worked as a leasing agent for the Allen Morris Company for three years, before joining his father at Bal Harbour Shops.

Randall Whitman is an avid athlete and a handball champion. He and his wife, Gigi, are actively involved in charitable organizations, particularly those affiliated with Bal Harbour Shops – Project: New Born, as well as The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis.


Ernesto Barrio
Director, Accounting

Ernesto Barrio is Director of Accounting for Whitman Family Development, LLC.

Lauren Bogage
Director, Leasing

Lauren Bogage is Whitman Family Development's Leasing Director for Bal Harbour Shops and Brickell City Centre.

Eleonora Dobkin-Parkinson
Director, International Business Development

Eleonora Dobkin-Parkinson brings her extensive background in the international luxury and fashion industry.

Benjamin Elias
Financier General

Corporate Treasurer for Whitman Family Development

Brett French
Director, Leasing

Brett French is Director of Leasing for Whitman Family Development, LLC.

Courtney Lord
Lessor General

Courtney Lord develops budgets, designs leasing strategies, and leads negotiations with tenants.

Ivor Nikolas “Nik” Massey
Developer General

Ivor Nikolas “Nik” Massey works with legal, design and construction teams to evaluate existing and potential real estate developments.

Carolyn Travis
Marketer General

Carolyn Travis is Director of Strategic Marketing for Whitman Family Development, LLC.

Matthew Whitman Lazenby
Owner & Manager General

President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Whitman Lazenby represents the company in development, leasing, operational and asset-management issues.

Randall Whitman

Chairman Randall Whitman oversees the company's strategic planning.

Linnette Zamora
Director, General Administration

Linnette Zamora is Director of Lease Administration for Whitman Family Development, LLC.